Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hashtag Our Way Around Toronto

Our world has been slowly expanding over the last month. Before we starting getting out on the bike in early March, we had been staying fairly close to home. Not shut in but definitely not much beyond a five kilometre radius. With the daylight getting close to 14 hours and temperatures in the higher teens we have had some great weekend rides. Lakeshore down to Hamilton, Forks of the Credit and Hockley Valley are just a couple locals in April.

Higher Ground Coffee Co. Belfountain, ON
Today we did our St. Lawrence Market shopping first thing in the morning. Hopped on the Explorer and headed North up Yonge Street to Bloor. West down Bloor to get some lunch at South Indian Dosa Mahal Restaurant. Filled up on dosa and headed down Ossington Street to pick up some new riding boots for me and a Roland Sands clutch for Laura at Town Moto. Shining sun gave us rosy cheeks. Sunnies on, we headed down Queen Street until it ran out at the Beaches. Hard left up to the Danforth to Broadview for an espresso at the aptly named Broadview Espresso. Round trip of of five hours and big smiles on both our faces! Welcome April!

South Indian Dosa Mahal Restaurant

Broadview Espresso

Front Street outside of St. Lawrence Market

Monday, March 16, 2015


Bike cover came off revealing a dust and dirt free bike. Battery went back under the saddle. 1 psi down in each of the front and rear tyres. Lights all working and bright. Most importantly the engine kicked over on the first start. What a wonderful sound. Sunny Sunday afternoon in the middle of March and we threw our legs over the saddle and set out for our first little ride of the season!

Life just got a little better!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Six years ago I heard someone say 'That the only thing I had to change was everything'. I was not really sure what that would mean to me and was a little off put by the declaration at the time. With time and perspective it has come to form a much clearer picture of my evolution. Every year that passes has formed a shape of its own that most of the time I just hold onto and ride. I am never really sure where or how it is going to start or end. Allowing myself to be an active passenger and accept the constant change is the best that I can do.

Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia in March. New York, Vermont and Quebec in June. New bike in July. We spent the remainder of the summer and fall setting up the Tiger Explorer and finding new rides in Southern Ontario. Hockley Valley and Highlands provided fantastic local rides.

This was a year of pushing beyond our borders. A wonderful journey with new friends in South East Asia. Wandering with our Australian contingent through Northern Thailand was a highlight and a much needed break from the hard winter that Toronto provided. Thankfully this winter has been mild and active so far.

2015 will see us in Europe, Maritimes and Southern United States. Today we will spend as much time being mindful of what we have in front of us at this moment and set some objectives for the horizon!

Peace. Tony and Laura

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Colours

Laura and I managed to get out on Sunday afternoon for a great ride. Layered up in heated vests, and leathers. We took advantage of all the new accessories on the Explorer. As we chatted on the headsets on the way out of Toronto, I commented on the fact that every piece of the electronics and heated gear was working as we hummed along the 427 and headed Northwest! It was a dramatic day of clouds and colours! Fires burning in fireplaces, cool crisp fresh air and clear streams running alongside some great roads.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hockley and Forks of the Credit

Andrew and I had a great overnight ride out to a friends farm in the Hockley Valley. Felt great to get a little mud on the tyres and explore some backroads.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Road Test

We have added some accessories to the Tiger Explorer. Over the last month we have been slowly but surely installing them as they have arrived. This weekend we finally had everything in place and needed to road test. Heated vests, heated seats, heated grips, GPS and iPhone connected to headsets. Little over 2500 kilometres on the engine means that I can also now get the RPMs up as well.

Haliburton for lunch was the 500 plus kilometers that we had in mind and we are both very happy with the results....

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kawartha Lakes Loop

GPS is mounted and Explorer is fully kitted out. We did a day trip up to Kawartha Lakes and back. Beautiful day for a ride and bike felt fantastic.